A. V. Kulish

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The hybridization of crucian carp Carassius carassius inhabiting polyspecific carp populations of Ukraine’s water bodies and the genetic structure of its hybrids were studied using biochemical gene marking and cytometry procedures. The widespread hybridization between C. auratus and C. carassius was justified by a large number of hybrids, which could form(More)
The polyspecies structure has been described for Carassius spp. inhabiting the water bodies of Ukraine. Analysis of 133 populations revealed that 62% of 3453 studied individuals were diploid goldfishes C. auratus, 25% were triploid Prussian carps C. gibelio, 6% belonged to the aboriginal diploid species of crucian carp C. carassius, and 6% were the diploid(More)
An analysis of 133 populations of Carasiius spp. from water bodies in Ukraine showed their polyspecific structure: 62% of individuals of the studied 3453 specimens. turned out to be bisexual goldfishes C. auratus, 25%. were unisexual Prissian carps C. gibelio, 6% accounted for the aboriginal species crucian carp C. carassius, and 6% were hybrids C. auratus(More)
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