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1. The major metabolites of ethacizin (ethyl 10-[3-diethylaminopropionyl]phenothiazine-2-carbamate) have been isolated from human urine by h.p.l.c. and identified by determination of u.v., i.r., n.m.r. and mass spectra and comparison with spectra of synthetic standard compounds. 2. The pathways of metabolism of ethacizin include N-de-ethylation,(More)
Although the functional role is still unknown for most types of nuclear noncoding repetitive sequences, some of them proved to provide adequate phylogenetic and taxonomic markers for studying the genetic relationships of organisms at the species and within-species levels. Several markers were used in this work. First, microsatellite markers were used to(More)
In this work the radar cross section (RCS) reduction using binary structures similar to checkerboard is demonstrated. Anisotropic binary structures with equidistant and non-equidistant arrangements of modules and impedance metasurface are considered. The block principle of construction of the binary coatings is proposed. RCS reduction of the binary(More)
Many problems of distributed object-oriented applications can be uniformly resolved in the frame of approach based on the concept of cover. The cover is defined as an environment which transparently controls all aspects of object’s community life: creation, interaction etc. To enable transparency, an objectoriented application must obey a principle of late(More)
In ornamental carps from the collection of the Experimental Station, All-Russia Research Institute of Fresh-Water Fisheries, fish with a dirty dark tint of body color among orange and white fish were found. This coloration was shown to be due to the presence of black pigment cells in the lower skin layer. In the outer skin layers these cells were almost(More)
The medical records of 60 patients who underwent surgery to remove the lung metastases of T1-4N0-2 kidney cancer were retrospectively analyzed. The age of patients ranged from 31 to 70 years. Synchronous lung metastases were diagnosed in 20 (33.3%) cases, metachronous - in 40 (66.7%). 53 (88.3%) patients had lesions in one lung, and 7 (11.7%) patients--in(More)
An algorithm to solve the coverability problem for monotonic counter systems is presented. The solvability of this problem is well-known, but the algorithm is interesting due to its simplicity. The algorithm has emerged as a simplification of a certain procedure of application of a supercompiler (a program specializer based on V.F. Turchin’s(More)
The authors present results of examination and treatment of 272 patients with Zenker diverticulums of different localization. Features and problems in fibroesophagoscopy in patients with Zenker diverticulum are discussed. Surgical interventions with endoscopic assistance were fulfilled in 37 patients with diverticulum. A new way of endoscopic management of(More)