A. V. Kiselev

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Properties of Hamiltonian symmetry flows on hyperbolic Euler-type equations are analyzed. Their Lagrangian densities are demonstrated to supply the Hamiltonian operators for subalgebras of their Noether symmetries, while substitutions between Euler-type equations define Miura transformations between the symmetry flows; some Miura maps for Liouvillean(More)
We construct new integrable coupled systems of N = 1 supersymmetric equations and present integrable fermionic extensions of the Burgers and Boussinesq equations. Existence of infinitely many higher symmetries is demonstrated by the presence of recursion operators. Various algebraic methods are applied to the analysis of symmetries, conservation laws,(More)
The generators and all the commutation relations are calculated explicitly for higher symmetry algebras of a class of hyperbolic Euler–Lagrange systems of Liouville type (in particular, for 2D Toda chains associated with semi-simple complex Lie algebras). Introduction. We give a complete description of the generators and relations in higher symmetry(More)
Patterns of dystrophin and beta-galactosidase expression were examined in mdx mice after i.m. injections of synthetic microspheres (MF-2) loaded with full-length (pHSADy) or mini-dystrophin gene (pSG5dys) cDNA plasmid constructs or with LacZ marker gene (pCMV-LacZ). A single injection of 25 microg pHSADy into quadriceps femoris muscle resulted in 6.8% of(More)
A concept of physicochemical forms of biologically active substances introduced in investigation of the action mechanism of ultra-low doses allows qualitative explanation of the main effects of ultra-low doses, chemical diversity of biologically active substances, and physical boundaries for these effects. Phenazepam was shown to possess activity in(More)
Antibodies to gag-coded proteins of type D retroviruses have been detected in children with lymphadenopathy [1]. We tested 41 HIV noninfected children with lymphoproliferative diseases (27 cases of Burkitt's-type lymphoma, six cases of Hodgkin's disease, four cases of T-cell lymphoma, three cases of lymphoblastic lymphoma and one case of large-cell(More)
A classification problem is proposed for supersymmetric evolutionary PDE that satisfy the assumptions of nonlinearity, nondegeneracy, and homogeneity. Four classes of nonlinear coupled boson-fermion systems are discovered under the weighting assumption |f | = |b| = |Dt| = 1 2 . The syntax of the Reduce package SsTools, which was used for intermediate(More)
Polymerase chain reaction with subsequent SSCP (single-strand DNA conformational polymorphism) and restriction (BselI restriction endonuclease) analyses were used to type the DNA samples of affected individuals and their relatives from 23 Russian families with high risk of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) residing in the northwestern region of Russia.(More)
Representations of the Schlessinger–Stasheff’s associative homotopy Lie algebras in the spaces of higher–order differential operators are analyzed. The W transformations of chiral embeddings, related with the Toda equations, of complex curves into the Kähler manifolds are shown to be endowed with the homotopy Lie algebra structures. Extensions of the(More)