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The Valley of Oaxaca's large flat floor, high water table, low erosion rate, and frost-free floodplain give it a higher agricultural potential than that of most surrounding areas. The development of the pot-irrigation system early in the Formative period gave it a head start over other valleys, where the low water table did not permit such farming; Oaxaca(More)
M. Acciarri 25 A. Adam 43, O. Adriani 15, M. Aguilar-Benitez 24, S. Ahlen 9, J. Alcaraz 16, A. Aloisio 27, G. Alverson t~ M.G. Alviggi 27, G. Ambrosi 32, Q. An 17, H. Anderhub 46, A.L. Anderson t4, V.P. Andreev 36, T. Angelescu 11, L. Antonov 4~ D. Antreasyan 7, G. Alkhazov 36, P. Arce 24, A. Arefiev 26, T. Azemoon 3, T. Aziz 8, P.V.K.S. Baba iT, P. Bagnaia(More)
A prolonged outbreak of hepatitis A infection amongst drug users in Suffolk prompted a study of the natural immunity against hepatitis A in this population, and a retrospective analysis of the relationship between specific drug-taking behaviours and the risk of hepatitis A infection. Prior to the outbreak, age-specific seroprevalence of hepatitis A IgG in(More)
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