A. V. Kimel

R. R. Subkhangulov1
Th. Rasing1
P. H. O. Rappl1
1R. R. Subkhangulov
1Th. Rasing
1P. H. O. Rappl
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We demonstrate that the ultrafast fast dynamics of the d-f exchange interaction, between conduction band electrons and lattice spins in EuTe, can be accessed using an all-optical technique. Our results reveal, in full detail, the time evolution of the d-f exchange interaction induced by a femtosecond laser pulse. Specifically, by monitoring the time(More)
Finding a conceptually new way to control the magnetic state of media with the lowest possible production of heat and simultaneously at the fastest possible time-scale is a new challenge in fundamental magnetism [1-4] as well as an increasingly important issue in modern information technology [5]. Recent results demonstrate that exclusively in metals it is(More)
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