A. V. Ivashov

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By using morphometric and molecular-genetic methods, the population of honeybees of apiaries located in the mountain-forest zone of the Crimean Peninsula under conditions of prolonged isolation from other bee farms of the peninsula was studied. The hypothesis that the bees of this apiary may show signs of lost Crimean bees was analyzed. The complex of(More)
Geographically distant populations of oak leafroller moth (Tortrix viridana L.) were characterized by the frequency uniformity for most often alleles and differentiation for rare ones in the esterase and protease loci. Opposite tendency was observed at the subpopulational level. It was supposed that the distinctive spatial distribution of the often and rare(More)
Trophic niche partitioning among five most common herbivore species was described in respect to the stiffness of the leaves consumed on two trees of pubescent oak. Using discelectrophoresis procedure, genotypes at nonspecific protein loci were detected in two herbivore species, Tortrix viridana (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) (Pt-2 locus) and Neuroterus(More)
Four protein fractions inhibiting trypsin are isolated from the English oak leaves by the method of chromatography on DEAE-cellulose. Three active fractions more are found in each of them after the affinity chromatography on trypsin-agarose. Each of 12 multiple forms in the calcium-free medium contains different sets of proteins and oligopeptides possessing(More)
A complex of nonspecific esterases of green oak roller moth is represented by of series of multiple forms including carboxyl-, acetyl-, aryl-esterase and esterase with mixed properties. Esterases characterized by different substrate specificity and belonging to different types change their activity in the insect ontogenesis. The authors have established the(More)
Four protein fractions with trypsin-inhibiting activity have been isolated from acorns of oak tree (Quercus robur L.) by chromatography on DEAE-cellulose. Further their purification on trypsin-agarose column have demonstrated 12 peaks of activity. Every fraction corresponded to these peaks, left the column with Sephadex G-50 with the same volume of elution(More)
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