A.V. Ivanov

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The development and usage of safe cell systems for testing agents which possess anti-HIV activity is a very important factor in the design of new drugs. We have described in detail a system we designed that is based on lentiviral vectors (Prokofjeva et. al.,Antiviral Therapy,in print) for swift and completely safe screening of potential HIV-1 replication(More)
A database of Prostate Cancer Proteomics has been created by using the results of a proteomic study of human prostate carcinoma and benign hyperplasia tissues, and of some human-cultured cell lines (PCP, http://ef.inbi.ras.ru). PCP consists of 7 interrelated modules, each containing four levels of proteomic and biomedical data on the proteins in(More)
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is characterized by considerable genetic variability and, as a consequence, it has 6 genotypes and multitude of subtypes. HCV envelope glycoproteins are involved in the virion formation; the correct folding of these proteins plays the key role in virus infectivity. Glycosylation at certain sites of different genotypes HCV(More)
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