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Ultrasound investigation was performed in 49 patients with the syndrome of portal hypertension. A portal blood flow blockade level could be determined by the type of changes of the abdominal and hepatic vessels. Portal hypertension of intrahepatic type was characterized by the dilated portal and splenic veins and the hepatic artery. The intrahepatic(More)
Tactics and results of surgical treatment of 5 patients for splenic cyst were analyzed. The original method of splenic cyst resection, using blood-preserving technologies (ultrasonic aspirator-destructor, the argon laser and hemostatics) was applied. The data obtained permit to consider the splenic resection performance an adequate procedure for the focal(More)
There were examined 124 patients with nidal affection of liver. In 52.4% of them the cyst was revealed, in 31.5%--the benign tumor, in 16.1%--malignancy. In the treatment of cyst of all sizes the puncture method with injection into her cavity of 96% ethanol solution was applied. Benign tumor was verified using the puncture biopsy. If the tumor less than 5(More)
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