A V Goriunov

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It was demonstrated that human and horse hemoglobin variants having quantitative difference in the interaction with dipalmitoyllecithin exhibit features of generality. The latter is manifested in the established hydrophobic contacts between protein and lipid in hydrated films discovered by IR spectroscopy. The arrangement of hydrophobicity profiles of(More)
The analysis of compression isotherms of lipid monolayers and thermodynamical estimation of the conditions of the formation of layered systems underlies the explanation of some details of lung surfactant work. When the chemical potential of the monolayer during compression reaches the value of the chemical potential of the liquid bilayer membrane free of(More)
The efficiency of rispolept was examined in open non-comparative study which included 32 patients 6.5-16 years of age with schizophrenic spectrum disorders. Efficiency of the drug was estimated by clinical psychopathologic method together with the evaluation according to the PANSS. 5 patients were additionally estimated according to the Children's(More)
Consensus sequences of transcription factors IRF, E12/E47, MBF1 and MyoD1 were represented as combination of the short oligonucleotide patterns ("enhansones"). The ad hoc computer program was employed for analysis of distribution and localization of these patterns on the sequences of interferons, immunoglobulins, metallothioneins and muscle-specific genes.(More)
Scientists have recently studied the frequency and possible forms of clinical manifestations of cross-reactivity to food among 239 of Abakan at the age from 6 month to 15 years with skin, respiratory and combined manifestation of atopy It was proved that risk factors of development of cross-reactivity to food occur among 80% of children who have various(More)
Based on the analysis of current literature, the authors reviewed diagnostic aspects and the relationship between tension-type headache (TH) and mental disorders in 78 children, aged from 7 to 15 years, admitted to a neurological unit in 2004-2007 and in 45 children admitted to a psychiatric hospital. The latter group included 22 patients with depressive(More)
The results of a comprehensive sociohygienic study persuasively prove that a family with one parent imprisoned is characterized by a strained psychological situation with frequent conflicts due to, primarily, financial and communal problems and upbringing of children. The mothers are often cruel to their children and pay little attention to them. Moreover,(More)
In experiments on lipid monolayer formed on water surface, It has been shown that supercompression results in the irreversible outflux of lipid molecules from the monolayer to sub-phase. Mechanism is suggested by which supercompression of monolayer leads to formation of ripples which later produce bilayer vesicles. Presumably, this mechanism played an(More)
Authors of article have recently analyzed the frequency of prevalence and risk factors of cross-reactivity to foodstuffs among 239 children of Abakan in the age of from 6 months till 15 years with skin, respiratory and combined manifestation of atopy. It was proved that risk factors of development of cross-reactivity to food among children of the first(More)