A. V. Gavrilov

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The architecture of control system for mobile robots is proposed in this paper. This architecture is based on hybrid approach using neural networks for classification of images and organization of associative memory as well as semantic networks for natural language processing and organization of memory and achievment of goals. In last decade investigators(More)
In this paper architecture of hybrid control system of robot based on context and learning by natural language is suggested. 1. Introduction One of challenges in development of intelligent robots and other intelligent agents is human-robot interface. Two kinds of such known interfaces are oriented on programming and learning respectively. Programming is(More)
s. The model of associative memory is proposed in this paper based on concept of association between images and associative search. This model may be used for connect concept of inference with associative processing in neural networks. A main problem of knowledge processing in intelligent system, is the problem of search of relevant knowledge or, in other(More)
Results of studies of clonorchiasis in the region of the Upper Amur and its tributaries are presented. Biological features of the pathogen and its epidemiology are outlined. Clinical symptoms were studied in 112 patients. In case of death, a pathoanatomic picture is given.
The problem of energy-efficient excitation of high-order fiber modes is under discussion. Some examples of mode excitation using diffractive optical elements (DOEs) and on-fiber microreliefs are given. For the graded-index fiber modes an approach is proposed and a numerical procedure is described that allows calculating a microrelief height function that(More)
A three-dimensional dynamic reconstruction algorithm of the left ventricle of patient’s heart from ultrasonic echocardiography data is developed. The presented algorithm takes into account the longitudinal and transverse velocities of ventricle walls to determine the motion vectors of the ventricular walls. Two longitudinal ultrasonic sections (four-chamber(More)