A. V. Gavrilov

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The architecture of control system for mobile robots is proposed in this paper. This architecture is based on hybrid approach using neural networks for classification of images and organization of associative memory as well as semantic networks for natural language processing and organization of memory and achievment of goals. In last decade investigators(More)
In this paper architecture of hybrid control system of robot based on context and learning by natural language is suggested. 1. Introduction One of challenges in development of intelligent robots and other intelligent agents is human-robot interface. Two kinds of such known interfaces are oriented on programming and learning respectively. Programming is(More)
s. The model of associative memory is proposed in this paper based on concept of association between images and associative search. This model may be used for connect concept of inference with associative processing in neural networks. A main problem of knowledge processing in intelligent system, is the problem of search of relevant knowledge or, in other(More)
We suggest a new nonlinear expansion of space-distributed observational time series. The expansion allows constructing principal nonlinear manifolds holding essential part of observed variability. It yields low-dimensional hidden time series interpreted as internal modes driving observed multivariate dynamics as well as their mapping to a geographic grid.(More)
A three-dimensional dynamic reconstruction algorithm of the left ventricle of patient’s heart from ultrasonic echocardiography data is developed. The presented algorithm takes into account the longitudinal and transverse velocities of ventricle walls to determine the motion vectors of the ventricular walls. Two longitudinal ultrasonic sections (four-chamber(More)
Introduction Now in the field of an artificial intelligence the concept of hybrid intelligent systems [1, 2], joining in itself different methods of representation and processing of knowledge, including, traditional paradigms of AI and models of neural networks are actively developed. A finite goal of this process (if only it is possible to speak here about(More)