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Determination of the frost resistance and a microsatellite analysis of the group 5 chromosomes were performed on parental varieties and recombinant inbred lines F 7 Luzanovka odesskaya/Odesskaya krasnokolosaya. The allelic differences of the Xcfd7-5B, Xwmc415-5B, and Xgwm182-5D microsatellite loci were associated with the level of frost resistance of the(More)
Codominant molecular-genetic marker csLV3 was used to examine a collection of bread wheat varieties created in the main plant breeding centers of Ukraine and Russia from 1912 to 2011. Two allelic variants csLV34a and csLV34b associated, respectively, with the absence and presence of gene Lr34/Yr18/Pm38 were revealed. Allele csLV34b, commonly found among(More)
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