A. V. Galaev

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Introgression lines 5/55-91 and 378/2000 of bread wheat contain the gene of resistance to Tilletia caries (DC.) Tul. transferred from Aegilops cylindrica Host. Using bulked segregant analysis with ISSR and SSR PCR the lincage of microsatellite locus Xgwm 259 with the gene of common bunt resistance has been identified in F2 population of 378/2000 x Lutestens(More)
Determination of the frost resistance and a microsatellite analysis of the group 5 chromosomes were performed on parental varieties and recombinant inbred lines F 7 Luzanovka odesskaya/Odesskaya krasnokolosaya. The allelic differences of the Xcfd7-5B, Xwmc415-5B, and Xgwm182-5D microsatellite loci were associated with the level of frost resistance of the(More)
Comparative analysis of introgressive and parental forms of wheat was carried out to reveal the sites of donor genome with new loci of resistance to fungal diseases. By ISSR-method 124 ISSR-loci were detected in the genomes of 18 individual plants of introgressive line 5/20-91; 17 of them have been related to introgressive fragments of Ae. cylindrica genome(More)
To reveal sites of the donor genome in wheat crossed with Aegilops cylindrica, which acquired conferred resistance to fungal diseases, a comparative analysis of introgressive and parental forms was conducted. Two systems of PCR analysis, ISSR and SSR–PCR, were employed. Upon use of 7 ISSR primers in genotypes of 30 individual plants BC1F9 belonging to lines(More)
Genome variability of in vitro micropropagated Clematis plants was established. The optimum concentrations of BAP and zeatin in the culture medium regulating in vitro morphogenetic processes in clematis explants cv. Serenada Kryma were determined. Molecular-genetic analysis of Clematis plants obtained via in vitro somatic embryogenesis and organogenesis was(More)
Genetic diversity assessment in 11 rice varieties of the Rice Research Institute’ (Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences) and also differentiation and identification of 11 rice varieties were conducted by the analysis of 25 SSR-markers. Based on the allele composition of 12 polymorphic microsatellite loci, genetic formulas of examined varieties were(More)
Wheat-aegilops hybrid plants Triticum aestivum L. (2n = 42) x Aegilops cylindrica Host (2n = 28) were investigated with using microsatellite markers. In two BC1F9 lines some genome modifications connected with losing DNA fragments of initial variety or appearing of Aegilops genome elements were detected. In some investigated hybrids new amplicons lacking in(More)
Codominant molecular-genetic marker csLV3 was used to examine a collection of bread wheat varieties created in the main plant breeding centers of Ukraine and Russia from 1912 to 2011. Two allelic variants csLV34a and csLV34b associated, respectively, with the absence and presence of gene Lr34/Yr18/Pm38 were revealed. Allele csLV34b, commonly found among(More)
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