A. V. Bogorodskaya

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We studied post-fire transformations in functional characteristics of soil microbial communities and invertebrate complexes in the central-taiga pine forests of Central Siberia. The study revealed that fires of any severity reduce the density and diversity of soil invertebrates and adversely affect the structure and functioning of the sandy podzol microbial(More)
An analysis of the ecological and functional state of soils within the zone of air pollution of Norilsk industrial plants has been made. The criteria used for estimation are the content of heavy metals (HMs) and sulfur, as well as the microbiological activity of the soil. The basic polluting elements are distinguished. It is determined that the areas of(More)
The paper focuses on investigating the densities of different ecological trophic groups of soil microorganisms, cellulose decomposition rates, and respiration of cryogenic forest soils in the north of Central Siberia and those of the southern taiga subzone, including those affected by surface wildfires. Psychrotolerant bacteria and micromycetes were found(More)
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