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The method of limited tryptic proteolysis has been used to compare and contrast the substructure of bovine cardiac myosin subfragment 1 (S-1) to that of skeletal myosin S-1. While tryptic cleavage of cardiac S-1, like that of skeletal S-1, yields three fragments, the 25K, 50K, and 20K peptides, the digestion of cardiac S-1 proceeds at a 2-fold faster rate.(More)
The rates of tryptic digestion of the 50/20-kDa junction in myosin in cardiac myofibrils were determined under various solvent conditions. This cleavage reaction is slow in the rigor solvent and proceeds at a fast rate in the presence of MgATP. When the reaction solvent contains 50% ethylene glycol, the digestion of myosin in the presence of MgATP occurs at(More)
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