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Equilibrium maintenance during standing in humans was investigated with a 3-joint (ankle, knee and hip) sagittal model of body movement. The experimental paradigm consisted of sudden perturbations of humans in quiet stance by backward displacements of the support platform. Data analysis was performed using eigenvectors of motion equation. The results(More)
Two behavioral goals are achieved simultaneously during forward trunk bending in humans: the bending movement per se and equilibrium maintenance. The objective of the present study was to understand how the two goals are achieved by using a biomechanical model of this task. Since keeping the center of pressure inside the support area is a crucial condition(More)
The large mass of the human upper trunk, its elevated position during erect stance, and the small area limited by the size of the feet, stress the importance of equilibrium control during trunk movements. The objective of the present study was to perform a biomechanical analysis of fast forward trunk movements in order to understand the coordination between(More)
Closed-loop (CL) and open-loop (OL) types of motor control during human forward upper trunk bending are investigated. A two-joint (hip and ankle) biomechanical model of the human body is used. The analysis is performed in terms of the movements along eigenvectors of the motion equation ("eigenmovements" or "natural synergies"). Two analyzed natural(More)
The genetic diversity of the Spangled Orloff chickens was for the first time studied by analyzing the polymorphism of the hypervariable region in the D-loop of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Samples for the analysis were collected at the farms of the All-Russian Poultry Research and Technological Institute (VNITIP), the All-Russian Institute of Farm Animal(More)
This paper substantiates the possibility to create science-intense phytotechcomplexes for the resource-saving year-round intensive yield of high-quality crop products under artificial lighting. The technical and agrobiological tests of the developed various-type plant-growing lighting equipment for phytotechcomplexes showed the high efficiency of their(More)
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