A. V. Afanas'eva

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Gene expression was compared in a metastatic (VMR-Liv) neoplastic cell line and a related nonmetastatic (VMR-O) neoplastic cell line by means of the differential display method. A fragment of cDNA corresponding to the tag7 gene, differentially expressed in the metastatic cell line, was isolated. The full-length tag7 cDNA was cloned and its nucleotide(More)
Qualitative and quantitative comparative immunochemical studies have been made of the serum albumins of fetuses, puppies, and adult dogs, using Ouchterlony's diffusion method, and immunoelectrophoresis according to Grabar; Heidelberger's curve was used in evaluation of quantitative results. The albumins were isolated by starch slab electrophoresis. No(More)
A comparative immunochemical study established that heat-stable placental alkaline phosphatase (HPAP) is contained only in malignant epithelium and is not present in the tissues of fetal and definitive uterus. The heterogeneity of HPAP was shown by means of electrophoresis. There is a direct correlation between HPAP level and the degree of tumor(More)
Platelets of intact mice and mice with tumors posses cytotoxic activity towards autologous and allogenic tumor strains. Platelet cytotoxicity significantly increases during tumor growth and decreases during the terminal stage. Murine platelets cause virtually no cytolysis of poorly differentiated (embryonal and strain unspecific) tumor cells.