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The tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR) in the magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) with embedded nanoparticles (NPs) was calculated in range of the quantum-ballistic model. The simulation was performed for electron tunneling through the insulating layer with embedded magnetic and non-magnetic NPs within the approach of the double barrier subsystem connected in(More)
The problem of the ballistic electron tunneling is considered in magnetic tunnel junction with embedded non-magnetic nanoparticles (NP-MTJ), which creates additional conducting middle layer. The strong temperature impact was found in the system with averaged NP diameter d av < 1.8 nm. Temperature simulation is consistent with experimental observations(More)
Heavy electrons in superconducting materials are widely studied with the Kondo lattice t-J model. Numerical results have shown that the Fermi surface of these correlated particles undergoes a flattening effect according to the coupling degree J. This behaviour is not easy to understand from the theoretical point of view within standard Fermi-Dirac(More)
Algorithms for automatic analysis of the geometrical parameters of surface images obtained by scanning probe microscopy have been developed. The algorithms include calibration of linear displacements of the scanners using the image of the periodic linear reference samples (calibrating grids); calculation of the grain size distribution for nanostructured(More)
In this article a cost-effective and simple system (circuit and algorithm) which allows recognizing different kinds of films by their magneto-field conductive properties is demonstrated. The studied signals are generated by a proposed circuit. This signal was further analyzed (recognized) in frequency domain creating the Fourier frequency spectrum which is(More)
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