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A cytochrome P450 cDNA, encoding a new form of CYP3A protein, was isolated from a liver cDNA library of a male rat using anti-P450(6)beta-1 and anti-P450(6)beta-2 antibodies and the CYP3A2 cDNA. The cDNA (CYP3A18 cDNA) consisted of 1987 nucleotides, in which were contained an open reading frame of 1491 bp (corresponding to 497 amino acids), 5'-(59 bp) and(More)
1. Fatty acid and lipid compositions of cultured rat keratinocytes were compared with those of intact epidermis prepared from newborn and adult rats. 2. The uniqueness of the lipid profile of cultured cell manifested itself in the accumulation of a novel lipid which co-migrated with monoalkyldiacylglyceride on thin-layer chromatography. 3. Concentration of(More)
This study described the relationship between the concentration of the branched-chain fatty acid (BCFA) in rat skin surface lipid and the serum level of the branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) and branched-chain alpha-keto acid (BCKA). The concentrations of the BCFAs in the monoester fraction of the skin surface lipid, and BCAAs and BCKAs in the serum were(More)
1. Age-related change of the branched-chain fatty acid distribution in rat skin surface lipid was studied for 24 months. 2. The proportion of even carbon number iso-acid increased from infancy to month 5 and thereafter decreased with advancing age toward senescence. 3. Concentration of odd carbon number iso-acid depicted a similar shape of time course, but(More)
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