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Euphorbia trigona latex has been used most effectively in the traditional Indian medicinal system of Ayurveda for the treatment of urinary tract infection (UTI). However, various organic and aqueous extracts of its latex were found not to possess any antimicrobial activity against several gram positive and gram negative organisms including Proteus mirabilis(More)
Existing methods for low cost lenses using parallel mold stamping and high temperature reflow requires complex engineering controls to produce high quality lenses. These manufacturing techniques rely on expensive equipment. In this paper, we propose a low cost (< $ 0.01 per pc) flexible moldless lens fabrication method based on curing a hanging transparent(More)
Efficient delivery of viruses, proteins and biological macromelecules into a micrometer-sized focal spot of an XFEL beam for coherent diffraction imaging inspired new development in touch-free particle injection methods in gaseous and vacuum environments. This paper lays out our ongoing effort in constructing an all-optical particle delivery approach that(More)
The ability to label individual cells is useful for single-cell-level studies of complex cellular interactions and heterogeneity. Optically readable cell labeling is attractive as it can be investigated non-invasively and repeatedly at high speeds. Here, we demonstrate the feasibility of large-scale cell barcoding and identification using fluorescent(More)
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