A. Ujjwaft Syed Tabish

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A large number of people experience traumatic brain injury each year, often with severe consequences. This is a public health problem that requires ongoing surveillance to follow trends in the incidence, risk factors, causes, and outcomes of these injuries. In 2003, a prospective study of all children below 15 years admitted to hospitals with a diagnosis of(More)
Optic nerve head (ONH) segmentation problem has been of interest for automated glaucoma assessment. Although various segmentation methods have been proposed in the recent past, it is difficult to evaluate and compare the performance of individual methods due to a lack of a benchmark dataset. The problem of segmentation involves segmentation of optic disk(More)
BACKGROUND Management of orthopaedic injuries in polytrauma cases continues to challenge the orthopaedic traumatologist. Mass disasters compound this challenge further due to delayed referral. Recently there has been increasing evidence showing that damage control surgery has advantages that are absent in the early total care modality. We studied the damage(More)
This study was conducted on patients of head injury admitted through Accident & Emergency Department of Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences during the year 2004 to determine the number of head injury patients, nature of head injuries, condition at presentation, treatment given in hospital and the outcome of intervention. Traumatic brain injury(More)
The perception of HIV induced illness is changing. The emphasis in treating AIDS patients should be compassionate, low technology, cost-effective care. Patient care in the community should be encouraged and facilitated as much as possible, to allow them to live as normal a life as possible. It is not only the physical effects of disease that disable(More)
BACKGROUND In the majority of infertile females, cause lies within the fallopian tubes. The causes for tubal obstruction include tuabal endometriosis, chlamydial and tuberculous infections, salpingitis, due to previous tubal approach, previous tubal pregnancy, peritubal adhesions due to previous appendicectomy, ovarian, uterine or adnexal operations. Other(More)
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