M. Micksche2
A. Miyakawa1
E. M. Kokoschka1
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Receptors for granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSFRs) have been confirmed on the cell surfaces of several non-haematopoietic cell types, including bladder cancer cells. This observation has naturally led to the hypothesis that the expression of G-CSFR on these cells may enhance their growth by G-CSF. In this study, the expression of G-CSFR was(More)
Adherent cells from carcinomatous pleural effusions of lung cancer patients were tested for their ability to suppress natural killer (NK) cell activity, and the mechanism involved in the suppression of NK cell activity was determined. Adherent effusion cells (AEC) were isolated from malignant pleural effusions of patients by centrifugation discontinuous(More)
The in vivo and in vitro effects of human alpha-interferon (IFN) on blood natural killer (NK) cell activity were studied in patients with malignant melanoma. The initial response to an i.m. injection of IFN was a depression of blood NK cell activity, being detectable at 4 h and reaching a nadir at 12 h. Blood NK cell activity returned to or exceeded(More)
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