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This study investigate the potential contribution of nitrogen fixation by indigenous cyanobacteria to rice production in the rice fields of Valencia (Spain). N2-fixing cyanobacteria abundance and N2 fixation decreased with increasing amounts of fertilizers. Grain yield increased with increasing amounts of fertilizers up to 70 kg N ha-1. No further increase(More)
Short- and long-term experiments were conducted in the rice fields of Valencia, Spain, to determine the ecological significance of ammonium on nitrogen fixation. A significant inhibition of nitrogenase activity by ammonium, at concentrations higher than 0.5mM, was observed after 8h of incubation in short-term experiments done with a bloom of the N2-fixing(More)
The short-term and long-term effects of light regime on nitrogenase activity (NA) and cyanobacterial communities in rice fields (Valencia, Spain) were examined. Daily variation in nitrogen fixation was measured during three periods of the crop cycle: tillering (formation of secondary stems in the rice plants), heading (formation of reproductive(More)
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