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A variety of growth curves have been developed to model both unpredated, intraspecific population dynamics and more general biological growth. Most predictive models are shown to be based on variations of the classical Verhulst logistic growth equation. We review and compare several such models and analyse properties of interest for these. We also identify(More)
In this paper I propose a reinforcement learning model for a predator preying upon two types of prey, the unpalatable (noxious) models, and the palatable mimics. The latter type of prey resembles the models in appearance so as to derive some protection from the predator who must avoid the unpalatable models. Essentially the predator is treated as a learning(More)
In this paper we propose a mathematical learning model for a stochastic automaton simulating the behaviour of a predator operating in a random environment occupied by two types of prey: palatable mimics and unpalatable models. Specifically, a well known linear reinforcement learning algorithm is used to update the probabilities of the two actions, eat prey(More)
The Internet has reached a stage of maturity where its innovative adoption and implementation can be a source of competitive advantage. Supply chains are one of the areas that has reportedly benefited greatly, achieving optimisation through low cost, high efficiency use of the Internet, almost seamlessly linking global supply chains into e-supply networks.(More)
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