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We investigated molecular motions in the 0.3-350 ps time range of D2O-hydrated bilayers of 1-palmitoyl-oleoyl-sn-glycero-phosphocholine and 1,2-dimyristoyl-sn-glycero-phosphocholine in the liquid phase by quasielastic neutron scattering. Model analysis of sets of spectra covering scale lengths from 4.8 to 30 Å revealed the presence of three types of motion(More)
OBJECTIVE evaluate, through active call, lifestyles of an asymptomatic population in order to identify hyperglycaemic subjects and/or high-blood pressure sufferers to dispatch to their GP to perform suitable checking, and subjects to invite to a cardiovascular disease prevention programme because of their lifestyles. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS between(More)
The authors review their two-year experience of hernioplasty using a modified version of Shouldice's technique which includes the employment of a polyglyconate monofilament. Although the series of patients is chronologically limited, the findings appear to confirm that this is a valid alternative to other techniques proposed to date for treating inguinal(More)
BACKGROUND Repair of distal biceps tendon ruptures has become widely accepted. Unfortunately, care of retracted-degenerated injuries remains a challenge for orthopedic surgeons. Complication rates appear to increase when surgery is performed in chronic cases compared to those operated acutely. Multiple techniques for chronic reconstruction with the use of(More)
Laparoscopic techniques in general surgery have become a widely accepted method, especially for treatment of symptomatic gallstone disease. Many reports have investigated the indications, contraindications, equipment, techniques and outcome of laparoscopic procedures. However, as yet, relatively few studies have discussed the problems concerning patient's(More)
BACKGROUND An original technique for the treatment of inguinal hernia is described: this operative technique consists of a Marlex (mono-filament knitted polypropylene) mesh sutured in the preperitoneal space under the fascia trasversalis. METHODS A total of 202 hernioplasties have been treated: 100 of these have been controlled after six months to detect(More)