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Twelve female and 8 male healthy volunteers underwent urorectodynamic evaluation. Mean bladder capacity was 594 ml. and mean maximal vesical pressure 12.5 cm. water (H2O). Maximal bladder pressure correlated significantly with maximal mural tension (r = 0.96) but did not correlate well with bladder capacity (r = 0.20). Mean bladder volume at first desire to(More)
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From a statistical viewpoint, almost all renal pelvic tumours may be considered to be transitional cell carcinomas. Only six benign pelvic tumours have been reported in the English literature. The author describes one such case. A 40-year-old woman with recurrent cystitis was found on intravenous pyelography to have a mass in the right renal pelvis. Acting(More)
Thirteen patients presenting with stress urinary incontinence associated with a notion of urgency were evaluated. Each patient underwent a full clinical and paraclinical preoperative evaluation. The urodynamic evaluation included flowmetry, urethral profile, cystometry lying down and standing, and intrarectal pressure measurement. All these patients were(More)
The mechanism and pattern of urethral pressure changes during bladder filling and voiding were investigated in anesthetized female dogs. A series of experiments was performed involving simultaneous recording of intraurethral and intravesical pressures before and after surgical separation of the bladder from the urethra. Similar experiments were done after(More)
Sixteen female patients with colonic inertia and 12 control women underwent manometric evaluation of their bladder and rectal cavities. After subcutaneous injection of 0.035 mg./Kg. bethanechol, bladder intraluminal pressure increased by over 15 cm. water in 5 patients (31 per cent) and in none of the control group; maximal pressure after injection was 11.5(More)
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