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DX-8951 is a novel water-soluble derivative of camptothecin. We evaluated the effects of DX-8951 on the growth of several pancreatic tumor cell lines in vitro and in vivo. In vitro cytotoxic activity of DX-8951 against SUIT-2 and KP-1N cells, as indicated by IC50 value, was several times more potent than that of SN-38, an active metabolite of CPT-11, and(More)
The mechanisms by which B16, 3LL and MH134 tumor cells induce platelet aggregation were studied. The B16 and 3LL tumors, which have high or moderate procoagulant activities, aggregated platelets only in the presence of Ca2+ and plasma factors. MH134, which had much lower procoagulant activity, aggregated platelets even in the absence of these factors. The(More)
DX-8951f, a new water-soluble camptothecin (CPT) derivative, has been reported to show potent antitumor effects against various tumors in vitro and in vivo. We further evaluated the cytotoxic effect of DX-8951f against eight drug-resistant sublines derived by stepwise exposure of human oat cell carcinoma PC-6 to various drugs. In paclitaxel-, adriamycin-,(More)
Protamine sulfate and combinations of heparin-cortisone acetate known as having anti-angiogenic activities impaired the growth of chorioallantois at the dose inducing no decrease in growth rate of the embryos. This inhibitory effect of the agents is presumed to be mediated by the specific inhibition of the growth of endothelial cells forming chorioallantoic(More)
Thrombin generated in the process of platelet aggregation induced by three metastasizing murine tumors was measured using a chromogenic substrate specific for thrombin. Addition of B16 cells or 3LL cells to the platelet-rich plasma induced the generation of a significant amount of thrombin during the lag period preceding aggregation, while that of MH134(More)
Daily intratumor injection of human fibroblast interferon (HuIFN-beta) resulted in significant growth inhibition of human gliomas transplanted into nude mice. Light and electron microscope examinations were conducted to estimate the efficacy of HuIFN-beta. A 29-day daily treatment with HuIFN-beta induced complete regression of oligodendroglioma KG-1--a(More)
A combination of heparin and cortisone acetate significantly inhibited both embryonic angiogenesis and the tumor growth of Lewis lung carcinoma (3LL) transplanted into C57BL/6 mice, although each of these agents used alone affected neither angiogenesis nor tumor growth. On the other hand, this combination neither decreased the number of metastatic foci in(More)
We previously reported that DX-8951f, a novel water-soluble camptothecin analog, significantly inhibits the growth of various human and murine tumors in vitro and in vivo. The antitumor effects and topoisomerase I inhibitory activity of DX-8951f are stronger than those of other current camptothecin analogs. In this study, we established an SN-38-resistant(More)
Platelet-aggregating and thrombin-generating activities of B16 and 3LL cells were inhibited by trypsin, phospholipase A2 and by heating, but not by neuraminidase. It was confirmed that the platelet aggregation effect of these cells is due to thrombin generation. The lung-colonizing ability of treated cells injected intravenously was directly proportional to(More)
The mode of action of the direct antiproliferative effect of human fibroblast interferon (HuIFN-beta) on tumor cells was analyzed in vitro with a human malignant melanoma cell line, HMV-1. HuIFN-beta inhibited the growth of HMV-1 cells in a time-dependent fashion (50%-inhibition concentration: less than 50 IU/ml). Its action was cytostatic. DNA synthesis(More)