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Unlike signature or misuse based intrusion detection techniques, anomaly detection is capable of detecting novel attacks. However, the use of anomaly detection in practice is hampered by a high rate of false alarms. Specification-based techniques have been shown to produce a low rate of false alarms, but are not as effective as anomaly detection in(More)
Purpose: This paper presents a framework that will help manufacturing firms to configure their internal production and support operations to enable effective and efficient delivery of products and their closely associated services. Design/methodology/approach: First we establish the key definitions and literature sources directly associated with(More)
The pharmaceutical industry is facing an ever-increasing demand to discover novel drugs that are more effective and safer than existing ones. The industry faces huge problem in improving its drug discovery and development processes since formerly used methods have shown their limits. Additionally, tests for safety of drugs are performed at the later end of(More)
The aim of this paper is to present an application and a framework using evolutionary algorithms like Genetic algorithms (GA) for solving real-life design optimisation problems. The application is centred around an engineering optimisation toolbox applied to the design optimisation of gas turbine combustor. This toolbox can handle high-dimensional problems(More)
The design of a turbine blade cooling system is a multi-objective optimisation problem involving constraints and complex interaction among its design variables. The aim of this paper is to develop a methodology to optimise this design using Evolutionary Computing techniques. This paper presents Generalised Regression Genetic Algorithm (GRGA) and the(More)
With the increasing demand of web-based applications, they have become more prone to be exploited by the attackers. The purpose of this paper is to study the effects of web-based attacks and analyze the log files generated during the attacks. We have implemented Attribute Length Method proposed by Krugel for the detection of web-based attacks. In the(More)
Service providers of civil aero engines are typically confronted with a high cost of maintenance, replacement and refurbishment of the service damaged components. In such context, service experience becomes a key issue for determining the service risk drivers for operational disruptions and maintenance burden. This paper presents an industrial case study to(More)
The Royal Navy operates a fleet of complex modern warships and submarines each comprising a system of systems often in harsh and potentially volatile environments. The maintenance of surface vessels is primarily undertaken by Babcock and BAe Systems in an alliance with the Ministry of Defence. The Ministry of Defence system engineering lifecycle is known as(More)