A. Thavaneswaran

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± It has been constantly pointed out by various academics that the option pricing methodology based on probabilistic assumptions is no longer considered to be adequate, valid and reliable. This paper proposes a fuzzy computational method for pricing financial options. We demonstrate how fuzzy algebra can be successfully applied to the discrete(More)
Recently, Carlsson and Fuller [C. Carlsson, R. Fuller, On possibilistic mean value and variance of fuzzy numbers, Fuzzy Sets and Systems 122 (2001) 315–326] have introduced possibilistic mean, variance and covariance of fuzzy numbers and Fuller and Majlender [R. Fuller, P. Majlender, On weighted possibilistic mean and variance of fuzzy numbers, Fuzzy Sets(More)
In this paper, we consider moment properties for a class of quadratic adaptive fuzzy numbers defined in Dubois and Prade [D. moments of Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers (Tr.F.N's) and Triangular Fuzzy Numbers (T.F.N's) turn out to be special cases of the adaptive fuzzy number [S. Bodjanova, Median value and median interval of a fuzzy number, Information Sciences(More)
Stochastic models of some aspects of the electrical activity in the nervous system at the cellular level are developed. In particular, models of the subthreshold behavior of the membrane potential of neurons ar~ consid~r~d alon& ~ith the problem of parameter estimation of physiologically meaningful parameters of the developed models. Both ordinary and(More)
Optimal as well as recursive parameter estimation for semimartingales had been studied in Thavaneswaran and Thompson [1, 2]. Recently, there has been a growing interest in modeling volatility of the observed process by nonlinear stochastic processes (Taylor [3]). In this paper, we study the recursive estimates for various classes of discretely sampled(More)