A. Tesche

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Medicine has evolved toward rationalization since the Enlightenment, favouring quantitative measures. Now, a paradigm shift toward control through formalization can be observed in health care whose structures and processes are subjected to increasing standardization. However, educational reforms and curricula do not yet adequately respond to this shift. The(More)
UNLABELLED Long-chain conversion of linoleic acid (LA) and eicosanoid formation was followed in 6 healthy females who were given for 6 weeks liquid formula diets which contained no arachidonic acid but, for 2 weeks each, a LA supply of 0 energy% (en%), 4 en%, and 20 en%, respectively. RESULTS higher LA intake resulted in higher LA percentages in(More)
More than 70 years after the discovery of the pituitaryÀthyroid feedback control mechanism, a classical endocrine regulation system, most of its parameters have been identified. However, the regulation of its central component in the pituitary gland, probably responsible for pulsatile release of thyrotropin (TSH), remains obscure. In order to infer its(More)
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