A. Taraphder

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We review the remarkable properties, including superconductivity, charge-density-wave ordering, and metal-insulator transitions, of lead-and potassium-doped barium bismuthate. We discuss some of the early theoretical studies of these systems. Our recent theoretical work, on the negative-U, extended-Hubbard model for these systems, is also described. Both(More)
The interplay between multiple bands, sizable multi-band electronic correlations and strong spin-orbit coupling may conspire in selecting a rather unusual unconventional pairing symmetry in layered Sr2RuO4. This mandates a detailed revisit of the normal state and, in particular, the T-dependent incoherence-coherence crossover. Using a modern(More)
The long-standing issue of the competition between the magnetic field and the Kondo effect, favoring, respectively, triplet and singlet ground states, is addressed using a cluster slave-rotor mean-field theory for the Hubbard model and its spin-correlated, spin-frustrated extensions in two dimensions. The metamagnetic jump is established and compared with(More)
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