A. Tanzarella

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The Mediterranean storm track constitutes a well-defined branch of the North Hemisphere storm track and is characterised by small but intense features and frequent cyclogenesis. The goal of this study is to assess the level of consensus among cyclone detection and tracking methods (CDTMs), to identify robust features and to explore sources of disagreement.(More)
Air quality data from a network of 11 monitoring stations in the Apulia region of southern Italy during the summer of 2005 reveal a high frequency of ozone law limit violations. Since ozone is a secondary pollutant, air quality control strategies aimed at reducing ozone concentration are not immediate. Herein, we analyse weekly changes in concentration(More)
Leveraging grid computing technology, i.e. the visualization of distributed computing and data resources such as processing, network bandwidth and storage capacity to create a single system image, we present a Grid Air Quality Forecast System (G-AQFS). The modeling system consists of meteorological and dispersion models coupled in cascade. The computational(More)
BACKGROUND Exposure to heavy metals has been associated with kidney disease. We investigated the spatial distribution of kidney disease in the industrially contaminated site of Taranto. METHODS Cases were subjects with a first hospital discharge diagnosis of kidney disease. Cases affected by specific comorbidities were excluded. Standardized(More)
Air quality simulations and forecasting using photochemical transport models require detailed information of the emissions in the area under investigation. Due to the wide range of space and time scales involved in the physical and chemical processes of air pollution phenomena, a need to perform air quality simulations over larger regions, at finer grid(More)
Air quality simulation and forecasting is a complex problem that involves the knowledge of meteorological factors, chemical processes and emission inventories. In the real atmosphere all of these aspects are coupled in an intricate pattern, with time scales that may be much less than the scales involved only in meteorology. Another crucial point is the(More)
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