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This study was designed to assess the effects of 5 anesthetic drug combinations in ponies: (1) ketamine 2.75 mg/kg, xylazine 1.0 mg/kg (KX), (2) Telazol 1.65 mg/kg, xylazine 1.0 mg/kg (TX), (3) Telazol 2 mg/kg, detomidine 20 micrograms/kg (TD-20), (4) Telazol 2 mg/kg, detomidine 40 micrograms/kg (TD-40), (5) Telazol 3 mg/kg, detomidine 60 micrograms/kg(More)
The efficacy of atipamezole, a recently introduced alpha 2-adrenoceptor antagonist, in reversing medetomidine-induced effects in dogs was investigated in a clinical study. Dogs from eight Finnish small-animal hospitals were sedated with a 40-microgram/kg dose of the alpha 2-agonist medetomidine i.m. In the first part of the study (n = 319), a randomized,(More)
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