A. T. Szabó

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A guide to developing learner responsibility A ´ gota Scharle Anita Szabó published by the press s yndicate o f the university of cambridge This book is in copyright, which normally means that no reproduction of any part may take place without the written permission of Cambridge University Press. The copying of certain parts of it by individual teachers for(More)
The review deals with three books focused on two questions dealing with a single problem: how human cultures and crop cultures are interrelated? The two questions dealt with are: Is there a conflict between the evolution of cultivated plants and the present trend of our cultural (including social, economical, ideological or political) evolution? If yes,(More)
The authors have investigated the frequency of illicit drug use, and spontaneous and drug-provoked panic disorder symptoms in Hungarian youths. A semi-structured self-reporting questionnaire (with questions about drug usage and the persistence of some DSM-IV panic disorder symptoms) was filled out in discos/nightclubs, secondary schools and universities.(More)
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