A. T. Staroverov

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A total of 54 patients with alcoholism were studied during abstinence. Of these, 29 patients in the experimental group received basal therapy supplemented with physical treatment consisting of transcranial dynamic magnetotherapy (TcDMT), while the control group of 25 patients received only basal therapy. Comparison of the status of patients in the(More)
Transcranial magnetotherapy (TMT) was used in 32 patients with alcoholism (study group) on the background of basal treatment (nootropes, hepatoprotectors, vitamin/mineral formulations, etc.). The influence of this treatment was compared with a control group (30 subjects), in which TMT was replaced with an appropriate placebo procedure. All patients, who(More)
A main group--32 patients receiving transcranial magnetic therapy (TMT) in addition to the basic treatment (nootrops, hepatoprotectors, vitamins/minerals etc)--was compared to a control group (30 patients) receiving placebo instead of TMT. All patients, aged from 35 to 64 years, had the second stage of alcoholism with illness duration from 4 to 12 years and(More)
Fifty-four abstinent alcohol-dependent patients have been studied. Twenty-nine patients (a main group) received, along with basic therapy, a physiotherapeutic treatment (transcranial dynamic magnetic therapy) and 25 patients (a control group) received only basic therapy. The comparison of the efficacy of treatment in patients of the main and control groups(More)