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The labeling of muscle fiber proteins with iodoacetamido)tetramethylrhodamine (IATR) was reinvestigated with the purified 5' or 6' isomers of IATR. Both isomers modify the myosin heavy chain within the 20-kDa fragment of myosin subfragment 1 (S1) but with different rates, and only the 5'-IATR alters K(+)-EDTA- and Ca(2+)-activated ATPases. Absorption(More)
Algorithms for the symbolic computation of conserved densities, fluxes, generalized symmetries, and recursion operators for systems of nonlin-ear differential-difference equations are presented. In the algorithms we use discrete versions of the Fréchet and variational derivatives, as well as discrete Euler and homotopy operators. The algorithms are(More)
15N- and 2H-substituted maleimido-TEMPO spin label ([15N,2H]MTSL) and the fluorescent label 1,5-IAEDANS were used to specifically modify sulfhydryl 1 of myosin to study the orientation of myosin cross-bridges in skeletal muscle fibers. The electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectrum from muscle fibers decorated with labeled myosin subfragment 1(More)
INTRODUCTION Waiting times are a negative aspect for patients and therefore have a major influence on patient satisfaction. The aim of this research study was to evaluate waiting times from registration until first contact with a doctor in the outpatient department of the Polyclinic for Visceral, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery of the University Hospital(More)
The end goal of any solid Earth study is to better constrain physical parameters of the Earth (e.g. viscosity, temperature, and mineral composition). As we are unable to directly measure many of these quantities, past a few kilometers in depth, we must content ourselves with indirect estimates by way of experiment and theory. Just as geochemists do this by(More)
The kinetics of delayed fluorescence between 40 microseconds and 500 microseconds at room temperature, excited by nanosecond light pulses of a nitrogen laser was analysed in terms of exponential components due to the different ways of reduction of the oxidized reaction centre pigment of the second photochemical system of photosynthesis. The details of the(More)