A. T. Hayashi

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The semantic generalization and the semantic specialization have been proposed. These enable a shape graph, which corresponds to a relation schema in the relational data model, to have elements which are different from those of the original shape graphs, but are semantically related to them. To this end, viewpoints and relationship lattices have been(More)
A framework for receiving the services on the Internet with keeping the information private has been proposed. It is based on the server-client architecture. The interface between client and server computers has been proposed in the form of XML in considering the distribution map. This paper revises the interface for supporting various presentation symbols(More)
Archaeologists independently store their excavation information. They have the information of excavations carried out by themselves. Excavation information cannot be opened until verification and research are completed. On the other hand, many archaeologists want to analyze the distribution of relics and/or remains. This paper proposes the architecture of(More)
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