A. T. D. Perera

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Hybrid Energy Systems (HESs) are becoming attractive solution for both grid connected and stand-alone applications. A number of factors need to be considered in designing HESs where multi-objective optimization becomes useful. Multi-objective optimization is used in this study to arrive at optimum systems designs for a grid connected HES considering(More)
Building envelope plays a vital role in energy efficient buildings. This study introduces a novel simulation based optimization algorithm to minimize the net thermal load of buildings through optimizing envelope. Ten parameters related to the building envelope, including aspect ratio of the building, window to wall ratio, building orientation, roof(More)
Optimal load management of energy system is been widely discussed due to the higher depletion rate of fossil fuel resources and ever increasing energy demands. In such circumstances, optimal design and control of boiler systems play a major role. New algorithm based on fuzzy-evolutionary hybrid techniques is being introduced in this study to carry out this(More)
This study presents a techno-economic assessment about an integrated energy system based on hybrid Photovoltaic/Thermal (PV/T) panels to cater the energy demand for an apparel manufacturing application. The energy system consists of PV/T panels, H2 storage, electrolyzer, fuel cell and a latent heat thermal storage. A computational model (energy flow model(More)
Hybrid Renewable Energy System (HRES)s are gradually getting popular for both grid connected and standalone applications as an eco friendly, economical solution. A novel computational tool to model, simulate and optimize grid connected HRESs with V2G is presented in this study. Mathematical model is combined with a simulation algorithm to evaluate energy(More)
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