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Received ; revised manuscript received We have studied pp annihilations at rest in liquid hydrogen into the nal state ! 0 where ! decays to 0. This reaction is dominated by the production of a 0 (980) and contributions from a 2 (1320) and b 0 1 (1235). Upper limits for the production of an axial vector h 0 1 (1380) meson and vector mesons !(1390), !(1600),(More)
Classical field methods of reconstructing drought using tree rings in humid, temperate regions typically target old trees from drought-prone sites. This approach limits investigators to a handful of species and excludes large amounts of data that might be useful, especially for coverage gaps in large-scale networks. By sampling in more " typical " forests,(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Lamotrigine (LTG) is an anticonvulsant drug whose mechanism of action may involve the inhibition of glutamate release by blocking voltage-dependent sodium channels. Glutamate neurotoxicity may contribute to cerebral ischemic damage after recovery from cardiac arrest. Thus, LTG may prevent the brain damage associated with global(More)
CuFe2O4/activated carbon magnetic adsorbents, which combined the adsorption features of activated carbon with the magnetic and the excellent catalytic properties of powdered CuFe2O4, were developed using a simple chemical coprecipitation procedure. The prepared magnetic composites can be used to adsorb acid orange II (AO7) in water and subsequently, easily(More)
The annihilation pp ! 0 0 was measured for antiprotons stopped in liquid hydrogen (LH 2). This reaction is only allowed from odd angular momentum states of the pp-atom. The resulting branching ratio BR(pp! 0 0) LH2 = (6:93 0:21stat 0:39syst) 10 ?4 , combined with a previous measurement of the branching ratio BR(pp! + ?) 2P in gas from the 2P-state of pp(More)
Nanoglued binary titania (TiO2)-silica (SiO2) aerogel, as a novel type of photocatalyst, has been synthesized on glass substrates. Using an about-to-gel SiO2 sol as nanoglue, anatase TiO2 aerogel was immobilized into a three-dimensional mesoporous network of the SiO2. Factorial designs were employed to optimize both TiO2 aerogel and binary TiO2-SiO2 aerogel(More)
One closed-loop and eight single-pass plutonium production reactors originally operated on the Columbia river. During the 26 years of single-pass reactor operations, small amounts of radioactive particles were released in liquid discharges to the Columbia river and were deposited in sediment and cobble along the shoreline and on islands in the river.(More)