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Two series of alternating ODNs containing 5-n.alkyl-, alkenyl- and alkynyl-dU and -dC units have been prepared in order to study the kinetics of their hydrolysis by SV PDE and human serum, respectively. Both in (r5dUpdA)10 and (r5dCpdG)6 series the rate of hydrolysis decreased with increasing length of side-chain. Replacement of thymidines by 5-hexynyl-dU(More)
It has previously been demonstrated by other workers that the duplex of a synthetic DNA poly(amino2dA-dT) undergoes a salt-induced conformational isomerization. We show in the present work using circular dichroism that the same isomerization is induced in poly(amino2dA-dT) by various alcohols. The isomerization was originally identified as the B-to-Z and(More)
We report here spectroscopic and biochemical data of a novel series of sugar-modified oligodeoxy-nucleotides, the carbocyclic oligothymidylates, c(dT)3-20. In c(dT)n a methylene group has been substituted for the oxygen atom of the deoxyribose ring of the natural thymidylate unit. c(dT)10-20 form helical structures, in contrast with oligothymidylates or(More)
It is demonstrated that a two-state conformational isomerization is induced in the poly(amino2-dA-dT) duplex by submillimolar concentrations of divalent magnesium cations in low-salt aqueous solution. The isomerization is fast and has a low degree of cooperativity. The resulting conformer is the unusual X-DNA double helix originally observed with(More)
Based on cDNA sequence data epsilon chain-specific antisense oligonucleotides were synthesized and checked on in vitro IgE production. Using peripheral blood cells from a hypereosinophilic patient and a human IgE myeloma cell line, U266, marked reduction of in vitro IgE production measured by PRIST was observed. The effect of epsilon antisenses proved to be(More)
Obesity is a major clinical problem in the western world, and many molecular targets have been explored in the search for effective therapeutic agents. One of these, antagonism of the cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptor, rose to prominence following reports demonstrating the positive modulation of food intake by the CB1 antagonist, rimonabant (3) (SR141716A). In(More)
Racemic carbocyclic analogues of dTTP [(+/-)-C-dTTP] and its ribo counterpart, 5-methyl-UTP [(+/-)-C-m5UTP] were synthesized and examined, in comparison with dTTP and UTP (and m5UTP), as potential substrates of E. coli DNA and RNA polymerases, respectively. Unexpectedly, only a very low (terminal) incorporation of C-dTMP into DNAs of different structure was(More)
5-Isopropyl-2'-deoxyuridine (ip5dU) was recently recognized as a clinically useful antiherpetic (HSV-1) agent. An ip5dU-containing polynucleotide, poly (dA-dT, ip5dU) was prepared to study how physical and bio-organic properties of the synthetic DNA model poly (dA-dT) would change upon partial substitution of thymidine. Synthesis was carried out with DNA(More)
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