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It has previously been demonstrated by other workers that the duplex of a synthetic DNA poly(amino2dA-dT) undergoes a salt-induced conformational isomerization. We show in the present work using circular dichroism that the same isomerization is induced in poly(amino2dA-dT) by various alcohols. The isomerization was originally identified as the B-to-Z and(More)
5-Isopropyl-2'-deoxyuridine (ip5dU) was recently recognized as a clinically useful antiherpetic (HSV-1) agent. An ip5dU-containing polynucleotide, poly (dA-dT, ip5dU) was prepared to study how physical and bio-organic properties of the synthetic DNA model poly (dA-dT) would change upon partial substitution of thymidine. Synthesis was carried out with DNA(More)
We report here spectroscopic and biochemical data of a novel series of sugar-modified oligodeoxy-nucleotides, the carbocyclic oligothymidylates, c(dT)3-20. In c(dT)n a methylene group has been substituted for the oxygen atom of the deoxyribose ring of the natural thymidylate unit. c(dT)10-20 form helical structures, in contrast with oligothymidylates or(More)
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