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The purpose of this thesis is to evaluate different methods to calculate hydraulic conductivity, as well as to compare the methods to obtain soil samples used in the project Västlänken, with sampling methods used in this thesis. Soil samples from two locations, Skansen Lejonet and Korsvägen, were taken. Laboratory work such as grain size analyses and(More)
In situ trapping efficiencies of Pinguicula alpina L., P. villosa L., and P. vulgaris L. were compared with each other and with those of artificial traps at a subarctic site in northern Sweden. P. vulgaris had the highest trapping efficiency i.e., 21–37 μg prey trapped cm-2 day-1 and apparently has some means of attracting prey. The other two species(More)
When drilling ice cores deeper than 100m, drill liquid is required to maintain ice-core quality and to limit borehole closure. Due to high-pressure air bubbles in the ice, the ice core can crack during drilling and core retrieval, typically at 600–1200m depth in Greenland. Ice from this ‘brittle zone’ can be contaminated by drill liquid as it seeps through(More)
The incorporation of drugs into Gelucires has been reported to increase the dissolution rate of poorly soluble drugs, often leading to improved drug bioavailability. In pharmaceutical applications, it is important to know how the excipient interacts with the drug, and how the mixture behaves during manufacturing, storage as well as during administration.(More)
The spin polarisation components of photoelectrons from atomic ytterbium have been measured over the photon energy range from 15.5 to 22.5 eV. The measurements were performed by making use of circularly polarised synchrotron radiation from the storage ring BESSY in conjunction with an angle-resolved electron spectrometer. Theoretical predictions based on(More)
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