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Using telemetry, right atrial electrogram (RA), and marker channel of atrial sense events (MA) in combination with the left atrial electrogram (LA), recorded by a filtered bipolar esophageal lead, interatrial conduction during submaximal exercise and at rest was examined in 46 DDD pacemaker patients. The RA-LA and MA-LA conduction times measured in the(More)
The main disadvantages of bipolar pacing leads have traditionally been related to their relative thickness and stiffness compared to unipolar leads. In a new "drawn filled tube" plus "coated wire" technology, each conductor strand is composed of MP35N tubing filled with silver core and coated with a thin ETFE polymer insulation material. This and parallel(More)
State-of-the-art dual chamber pacing systems feature special functions such as automatic mode switching (AMS). The mode switch is based on different algorithms depending on the manufacturer. This report describes the Pacesetter Trilogy DR+ pacemaker mode switch algorithm and the mode switching activating indications by means of examples. With the Pacesetter(More)
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