A Sugishima

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Second-order autocorrelation spectra of XUV free-electron laser pulses from the Spring-8 Compact SASE Source (SCSS) have been recorded by time and momentum resolved detection of two-photon single ionization of He at 20.45 eV using a split-mirror delay-stage in combination with high-resolution recoil-ion momentum spectroscopy (COLTRIMS). From the(More)
Benzene and fluorobenzene molecules were multiply ionized through Auger decay following from the C 1s or the F 1s photoionization and their subsequent dissociations were studied utilizing position-sensitive time-of-flight measurements. The angular correlation between the momenta of (H(+)-H(+)) and (H(+)-F(+)) fragment ions derived from the multiply ionized(More)
We have investigated multiple ionization of N(2) and O(2) molecules by 52 nm extreme-ultraviolet light pulses at the free-electron laser facility SCSS in Japan. Coulomb break-up of parent ions with charge states up to 5+ is found by the ion-ion coincidence technique. The charge-state dependence of kinetic energy release distributions suggests that the(More)
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