A. Subramaniam

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The aqueous extract of bark of Ficus religiosa was prepared and investigated for its anti-inflammatory effect and for its protective effect on mast cells against degranulation. A significant anti-inflammatory effect was observed in both acute and chronic models of inflammation. The extract also protected mast cells from degranulation induced by various(More)
The antipyretic activity of a herbal formulation, TBR-002 was compared with that of andrographis paniculata, andrographis elongate and paracetamol in yeast-induced pyrexia in male albino rats, TBR-oo2 was found to be effective at an oral dose of 100 mg/kg in the inhibition if pyrexia. Its efficacy was almost comparable to that of paracetamol as well as(More)
Oral administration of Trichopus zeylanicus to mice (0.5 ml of 2% water suspension / mouse) for 7 consecutive days markedly increased the number of thymocytes splenic lymphocytes, total blood leucocytes and peritoneal macrophages without any effect on Haemoglobin content and body weight. This increase in the proliferation of lymphocytes and macrophages(More)
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