A Stevens-King

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The Peterborough ENT department receives many referrals for MoD personnel who have suffered hearing loss from occupational noise exposure. Those patients with asymmetrical sensorineural hearing loss are routinely screened for vestibular schwannomas by MRI scanning. Scan reports from the past 5 years have been reviewed and out of 152 scans, four revealed(More)
INTRODUCTION Enlarged labia minora can cause functional, aesthetic and psychosocial problems. There are many reported techniques for their surgical correction in both the gynaecological and surgical literature suggesting that no one method is superior to the others. The problem is compounded because an individual surgeon's experience is likely to be small(More)
To ascertain viability of free mucosal of grafts on bare bone and degree of contracture in vivo. Prospective study to ascertain graft survival where a small piece of mucosa, with a single centrally placed prolene suture for future identification, removed during endoscopic dacrocystorhinostomy (DCR) was replaced to cover exposed bone at the end of the(More)
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