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Drosophila suzukii Matsumura, often called spotted wing drosophila, is an exotic vinegar fly that is native to Southeast Asia and was first detected in the continental United States in 2008. Previous modeling studies have suggested that D. suzukii might not survive in portions of the northern United States or southern Canada due to the effects of cold. As a(More)
any individuals contributed in important ways to this report. First, we thank Rebecca Maynard, former project director and co-principal investigator, whose hard work, creative thinking, and strong leadership during the evaluation's first several years made this study and report possible. We also thank Amy Johnson, who provided critical support throughout(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Many people contributed in important ways to this report. First and foremost, we thank the many abstinence education program grantees who have generously allowed us to visit their programs, meet with staff, and observe their operations. We are especially grateful to those who created and/or are directing the 11 programs that are the focus(More)
JASMIN is a super-data-cluster designed to provide a high-performance high-volume data analysis environment for the UK environmental science community. Thus far JASMIN has been used primarily by the atmospheric science and earth observation communities, both to support their direct scientific workflow, and the curation of data products in the STFC Centre(More)
—The JASMIN super-data-cluster is being deployed to support the data analysis requirements of the UK and European climate and earth system modelling community. Physical co-location of the core JASMIN resource with significant components of the facility for Climate and Environmental Monitoring from Space (CEMS) provides additional support for the earth(More)
Project Summary Our Yesler Swamp restoration site is positioned in the upland area of Yesler Swamp, a six-acre parcel of swampland at the historic outflow of Yesler Creek. Yesler Swamp is bordered by residential areas on the north and east edges, the University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture to the west, and Union Bay of Lake Washington(More)
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