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The NTCAF ELISA determines the amount of CAF in human serum. CAF is the 22-kd C-terminal Agrin Fragment. Agrin is cleaved by neurotrypsin at 2 positions. Cleavage of agrin at the β-site releases CAF (Stephan et al. 2008) and leads to inactivation of agrin and consequently to a dispersal of neuromuscular junctions (NMJs) (Bolliger et al. 2010). All human(More)
  • Dieter Hutter, D Hls+96a, B Hutter, C Langenstein, J Sengler, W Siekmann +4 others
  • 2007
In the eld of inductive theorem proving syntactical diierences between the induction hypothesis and induction conclusion are used in order to guide the proof. We use coloring of terms Hut90, Hut97c] to perform the rippling process and there is considerable evidence of its success on practical examples. Recently we gave a general formalisation of coloring(More)
  • A Stephan, M Mettenleiter, F Härtl, A Hildebrandt, C Fröhlich, G Dalton +2 others
  • 2003
Laserscanners are used more and more as surveying instruments for various applications. With the advance of high precision systems, capable of working in most real world environments under a variety of conditions, numerous applications have opened up. The developed IMAGER 5003 is a state-of-the-art, high precision, high speed laser scanner that provides(More)
The role of cGMP in the avian pineal is not well understood. Although the light-sensitive secretion of melatonin is a well-known output of the circadian oscillator, pharmacologically elevated cGMP levels do not result in altered melatonin secretory amplitude or phase. This suggests that pineal cGMP signalling does not couple the endogenous circadian(More)
We investigate the dark matter constraints for the nonminimal SUSY standard model (NMSSM). The cosmologically restricted mass spectra of the NMSSM are compared to the minimal SUSY standard model (MSSM). The differences of the two models concerning the neutralino, sfermion and Higgs sector are discussed. The dark matter condition leads to cosmologically(More)
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