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Eosinophil differentiation factor (EDF) is a recently described regulator affecting eosinophil growth and activation. cDNA clones for murine EDF were isolated by direct expression from libraries prepared from the T cell hybrid NIMP-TH1. The longest cDNA clone obtained was 1534 bp in length encoding a polypeptide of 133 amino acids. Two variant cDNAs(More)
Removal of the heme iron from cytochrome c to generate porphyrin cytochrome c relieves the quenching of porphyrin fluorescence and enhances the fluorescence of the single tryptophan residue and the 4 tyrosine residues. The intensity of the porphyrin fluorescence is not perturbed by denaturation of the protein at neutral pH using either urea or guanidine(More)
The effect of gel pore size on the anomalous mobility of certain curved DNA restriction fragments in polyacrylamide gels was studied by comparing the electrophoretic mobilities of normal and anomalous fragments in gels of varying composition but constant acrylamide concentration. Molecular weight ladders were prepared from two 147 base pair G-C rich(More)
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