A Steinschneider

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The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of neonatal age, sex, type of feeding, and rapid eye movements on the occurrence of apneic pauses during sleep in a hyperthermic environment. One hundred and twenty fullterm infants (equally divided by sex and type of feeding) were observed during a complete nap within the first and approximately fourth(More)
This study tested Salk's hypothesis that the human fetus is prenatally imprinted to the repetitive intermittent sound of the maternal heartbeat. 2 groups of neonates were selected prior to birth based on low (70-80 bpm) and high (100-110 bpm) maternal resting heart rates. At 24-48 hours old, the neonates were exposed to a 75-bpm, 105-bpm, or a no-sound(More)
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