A. Starostin

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Hierarchical metallic surfaces demonstrating pronounced water and oil repellence are reported. The surfaces were manufactured with stainless-steel microporous meshes, which were etched with perfluorononanoic acid. As a result, a hierarchical relief was created, characterized by roughness at micro- and sub-microscales. Pronounced superoleophobicity was(More)
In this communication, we discuss the phenomenon of attainable superheat of liquid and the peculiarities of its release by spontaneous boiling-up. We have combined the apparatus for superheating, namely, bubble chamber, with a high speed micro-optical method for detailed monitoring of the initial stage of boiling-up. In experiments on the isothermal(More)
Forced coalescence of liquid marbles is reported. Liquid marbles were connected by a glass rod hydrophilized with cold radiofrequency plasma. The process resulted in formation of Janus-marbles. “Sandwich” marbles enclosing solid foamed polystyrene particles and built from immiscible liquids are reported. A broad variety of organic and non-organic powders(More)
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