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Verification of modeled rainfall with precipitation observed by a rain gauge network has been performed in a case study over the Cyprus Island. Cyprus has a relatively dense rain gauge network. The applied verification method is the Contiguous Rain Area (CRA) analysis. Some drawbacks of the CRA method are pointed out when it is applied to such a case study.(More)
The speed of Atlantic surface depressions, occurred during the autumn and winter seasons and that lead to intense precipitation over Italy from 1951 to 2000, was investigated. Italy was divided into 5 regions as documented in previous climatological studies (based on Principal Component Analysis). Intense precipitation events were selected on the basis of(More)
We study the phase behavior of the Zwanzig model of suspensions of hard rods, allowing for polydispersity in the lengths of the rods. In spite of the simplified nature of the model ͑rods are restricted to lie along one of three orthogonal axes͒, the results agree qualitatively with experimental observations: the coexistence region broadens significantly as(More)
We analyze the effect of a continuous spread of particle lengths on the phase behavior of rodlike particles, using the Onsager theory of hard rods. Our aim is to establish whether "unusual" effects such as isotropic-nematic-nematic (I-N-N) phase separation can occur even for length distributions with a single peak. We focus on the onset of I-N coexistence.(More)
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