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Magnet filler-polymer matrix composites (Magpol) are an emerging class of morphing materials. Applications of Magpol can include artificial muscles, drug delivery, adaptive optics and self healing structures. Advantages of Magpol include remote contactless actuation, several actuation modes, high actuation strain and strain rate, self-sensing and quick(More)
Multifunctional materials inspired by biological structures have attracted great interest, e.g. for wearable/ flexible "skin" and smart coatings. A current challenge in this area is to develop an artificial material which mimics biological skin by simultaneously displaying color change on damage as well as self healing of the damaged region. Here we report,(More)
We have developed pH- and magnetic-responsive hydrogels that are stabilized by both covalent bonding and catechol/Fe(3+) ligands. The viscoelastic properties of the gels are regulated by the complexation valence and can be used to tune drug release profiles. The stable incorporation of magnetic nanoparticles further expands control over the mechanical(More)
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